The UMA academy was launched to give back to the underground dance and urban music
community through seminars, workshops and conferences.

The mentors of the academy  consists of DJ’s, Music Journalists, Producers, Promoters, Event
Managers, Selected UMA award winners and industry professionals. 

Questions & Answers :

What do Mentors of the Academy do?

Members of the UMA academy lend their time in support of music-based charities
offer training to unemployed aspiring artists in conjunction with Government
organisations. They also act as mentors for up and coming artists who contact the
academy members for advice on succeeding in the industry.

How many members are involved?

We currently have 735 carefully selected members with more constantly
requesting membership with the Academy.

How can I join the UMA academy?

Very easy. All you have to do is to send us an e-mail telling us what you do and
what you aim to achieve from the Academy and we shall send you your registration form.

E-mail: charlie ( at) or call : 0207-998-9020

I want to get involved but I am from the U.S. Is that still possible?

Yes, it is. The Urban Music Awards is an international brand with awards ceremonies held annually in the United Kingdom, Germany, Africa, New York and Japan. Hence, we are always open to building a worldwide international Urban Community.

I am an artist/school/college/event needing support from the UMA Academy. How do I go about getting help from the Academy?

If your an up and coming artists we would give you the right music industry advice, get you magazine exposure, radio exposure. Get you to work on strengthening your online presence and finally making sure you get a chance to perform in any of our National events.

E-mail all proposals to 

Can I get funding from the Academy?

Yes, in most cases we can either sponsor your project or fund any project we deem satisfies our academy rules.

Simply E-mail: