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Openbooths takes part in the 17th annual Urban Music Awards 2020

 Openbooths – The Open Photo Booth joined the 17th Urban Music Awards 2020 and fascinated everyone with their beautiful peony rose backdrop, high quality photos and great service.

Openbooths is a photo booth designed and built by the photographers at Kaash Studios. A slinky perfectly proportioned pod that creates a stage of inspiration, capturing beautiful, flattering images with the touch of a button. The photo booth acts as an automated photographer so quality is never compromised while also being hugely entertaining. Stunning backdrops, fun props and instantly printed selfies, duos and group shots captured flawlessly.

“Openbooths started as a passion project born from a love of photography. It turned into a full-time mission to create the industries leading ‘picture taking robots’. We build photo booths that are photographers. – Kaash, Founder

You can find more information on their website or on their social media sites:

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