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Giggs ‘Landlord’ reviewed by Tenants


As all true UMA fans know, we have been in support of Giggs since we knew there was only one way to walk the hardest, talk the hardest and damn right eat the hardest!! But, when we took time to purchase our own copy of Giggs new album the ‘Landlord’. We honestly felt like going to other Landlords to ask for their opinions of a true South London Landlord was infact igniting a war and dare i say ‘taking the biscuit’..not literally!! Obviously…. I mean, i know common sense is not common but you won’t go around asking Vodaphone, EE Network, and Three  what they thought about O2. Put simply, other Landlords will be biased and some what jealous so we took upon the streets of South London and found out what the ‘Tenants’ actually thought of Giggs new offering. After all is said and done, everyone knows it is the Tenants who actually enjoy or suffer in the hands of these Landlords… Here are two of the best responses we got >>> Enjoy

UMA :  Are you feeling Giggs latest album ‘Landlord’ ?

Damien (South London, SE13) – I am feeling it… ‘still’ .

UMA :  What’s your favorite track?

Damien (South London, SE13)- It has to be ‘Clipped Him’ , i think that features Gunna Dee. Tune goes hard.

(Laughs  hysterically)

UMA: Ok, no need to tell us what makes you hard…. and glad you can laugh at your own statements. So, as a fellow tenant.. do you think  Giggs can be a good Landlord? 

Damien (South London, SE13): To be honest, i don’t want Giggs serving me an eviction notice with that track ‘Whippin Excursion‘ playing in the background… Cha about ‘whippin’ man!

UMA: Ok, Damien… thanks for your thoughts..

Next up we, have Stacey…

UMA: So, Stacey… do you live by yourself or with your man?

Stacey (SW9) : What is this? You trying to chat me up on my own doorstep… Rassclaatt… You man’s are brave??

UMA: Well, i don’t know who ras is and whether clatt is coming but what i know is Giggs ‘Landlord’ is out now. Did you get a copy?

Stacey (SW9): No…… Only, joking yes..I did get my copy.

UMA: Great, because you were sounding like a Judas for one second.

(She laughs)

UMA:  Anyway, jokes aside. Your favorite song is?

Stacey:  ‘Lock Doh’ is heavy…

UMA: Heavy?? How do you carry sound?  Did you try to carry it? 

Stacey: Shut up…. i meant it’s ‘heavy’

UMA: Yes, i know ‘Shut up’ was the name of ‘Stormzy’s song but what do you mean by heavy..?

Stacey: Heavy… as in sick… deep, lively..

UMA:  Oh, i get it.. it  ‘Lively’… You know.. i knew what you meant, i was just messing with you?

Stacey: Off course, i know your cousin.. he taught me those slangs 10 mins before you knocked on my door.

UMA: Fair enough…. lol .. So, why ‘Lock Doh’ ?

Stacey: It features Donaeo.. and i think he is underrated. I saw Donaeo perform at the UMA’s in 2004. I think Kano, and Lethal Bizzle performed as well. Good old days..

UMA: Yep..That’ was a long time ago. Yes, i agree Donaeo is the man!! So, would you like Giggs to be your Landlord?

Stacey: If Giggs, was my Landlord and i couldn’t pay rents i’ll think of many ways to get rent for free.

UMA: Like?

Stacey: Use your imagination..

UMA: hmmmm, what would you shave his hair….?

Stacey: You know what.. you are a joker… Can i have my free tickets to the UMA’s now???

UMA: You can… but you have to think of a way to get it?

Stacey: Like what???

UMA: Use your imagination…

Stacey:  ****Laughing hysterically****

Giggs ‘Landlord’ is hard, fresh and a massive achievement. Our favorite track is; The Blow Back ft. UMA 2015 award winner, Stormzy and Dubz. ‘The New Sh*t’ is also heavy and the production is on point. So, what are you waiting for? This is your eviction notice. Support the ‘Landlord’ before the eviction deadline and you can go on to walk,eat, talk, the hardest…. Buy album by Clicking >> GIGGS- ‘The Landlord’ 

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