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WSTRN want you to be part of the A-List


They released WSTRN Season, their mixtape last month . Now, Akelle, Haile and Louis are back on their ‘chatting up’ girls quest again with their  latest official single ‘A-List’. The track sees the boys trying to persuade a girl to give up her name because once you get the name these days you can social media the rest.. Oh what happen to the days when, Craig David had to do spend 7 days to get her name, six digit numbers, and rendevouz and quater past three. No, the kids today just need a name… and the rest is inbox history. The video, shot by Emil Nava, sees the trio having some fun on conveyer belts in a beautiful location in the Ukraine.  So, what are you waiting for? Support the lads because all the girls at the UMA offices have been singing along to the song.. That’s always a good sign!!  Watch here >>

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