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Grime Music takes main stage at V- Festival


UMA Alumni Stormzy took to the stage on Sunday night at V Festival in Chelmsford celebrating and telling the crowd that he has been so excited to be there putting UK Grime on the map and mainstage. Stormzy commented “Waiting all year for V Festival and today shows  that grime is taking it’s rightful place on the mainstage”. 

It was also reported that headliner , Jay Z was watching from the wing as well as Ellie Goulding and Stormzy’s girlfriend and former UMA nominee for Best Radio Presenter Maya Jama.  It’s been one heaven of a year for the Grime star whose debut album went straight to the charts. We predict more storms in the future for Stormzy as he continues his takeover of the music game!

Want to nominate Stormzy for this year’s 15th annual Urban Music Awards ? There is still time to nominate him and all your favourite artists . Send your nominations to ; 


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