Issue 4 – Ones to Watch 2013: UMA



 Since, 2003 The Urban Music Awards  with our team spread across Europe, USA, Asia and Africa have been influential in spotting future superstars. We were first to bring you Dizzie Rascal at the Hammersmith Palais, remember when we told the world about a new artist called Rihanna spotted performing at St Lawrence Gap in Barbados. Then we promoted a young Canadian actor now known to the world as  Drake back in 2006 and found a young boyband called JLS back in 2007. Many more stories not enough time…  So, when we  give you our #OnesToWatch  it is certainly worth standing up and taking notice or notes..… Back to this issue, of  #OnesToWatch2013 , the UMA’s is proud to introduce , The Unique Silver Dancers , a dance group made up of  Sherrie Silver,  Martha Omar, Rachel Kanu,  and Rheanne Murray  managed by our CEO/Founder of the UMA’s, Jordan Kensington .  The girls are fast becoming the names on everyone’s lips.

The group specialises in Unique professional African and dancehall dancers who mix modern & traditional dances with drama & sometimes comedy to excite & take the audience on an adventure.

Manager of  Unique Silver Dancers, Jordan Kensington commented  “The Unique Silver Dancers represent the ethos of  Invincible. We are always excited to introduce the world to ground-breaking talent who end up becoming household names. I am proud of what we are achieving together and the best is yet to come”.

With the growing popularity of African music, the Unique Silver Dancers have carved a global reputation as one of  the best  Afrobeats dance group and  with the girls all aged around 18. The  future is bright and the world is their oyster .

The group are in constant demand from functions, weddings, music videos, and workshops across Europe, Africa, Canada and America.

With a background ranging from different parts of Africa . Sherrie is from Rwanda , Rheanne  brings the Caribbean/ Dancehall  vibes to the group from Jamaica and Barbados, Rachel is from Sierria Leone and Martha is flying the flag for Kenya.  Together they represent Africa in all it’s glory with their story which comes from humble beginnings  of  hardship, struggle and a strive which has led to the current success in the group.

Lead dancer and actress,  Sherrie Silver  also starred in the hit BBC TV film , Africa United which was herald as one of the best productions the BBC has done in a  long time.

With over  1.2 million + views achieved on their Youtube channel this year (2013)  alone  and a constant stream of bookings, brand endorsement deals and an imminent tour. It seems like the world is certainly ready for the Unique  Silver Dancers.  Don’t believe us?  Well, watch the video below and find out for yourselves !

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